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What should I wear to class?

You can wear anything you are comfortable in. You are required to remove your shoes, so please bring socks if you would prefer to keep your feet covered.

What do I need to bring to class?

Nothing! Everything in your experience will be provided. You will be given your own padded mat and cushion. All items will be sterilized and cleaned between classes. During the art experience, all materials will be provided.

Can I have my phone in class?

This time is for you! We strongly discourage having phones in class. Please keep your phones with your personal belongings in the cubbies in the reception/retail space. If you are expecting an important call, you can give your phone to a staff member.

the experience

I have never meditated before, what should I expect?

You will have an opportunity to lie down or sit up, whichever is most comfortable. You will be immersed in sound - guided by a verbal meditation and sound bowl experience while wearing noise cancelling headphones. You will not be required to do or say anything during this experience. Meditation is for everyone. We will concentrate on slowing down our breath and allowing thoughts to pass through as they arise.

I'm not an artist, can I still participate and enjoy the experience?

Absolutely!!!! Remember - this class is about the process. Enjoy the freedom of self expression and exploration using art as your modality for meditation.

How long are the classes?

Most classes are 60 min. Approximately 15 minutes of meditation and 45 minutes of art. Please arrive to class 10 minutes early to give yourself time to settle in, unwind and relax before your the journey begins.

I am sensitive to sound. What do you suggest?

Noise cancelling headphones are provided for you. They block out sounds around you so you can focus on the sounds being given - verbal, crystal singing bowls, music. You control the volume so if you are sensitive to sound - you can turn them lower.

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