art pad

[ärt pad] noun

A collection of individual pages meant to be created upon. Each unique page is bound together to create one collective pad.

who we are

Art Pad is a collective space for those seeking to expand their heart, mind, and soul, incorporating all the senses.

our intention

To inspire and empower you to be your best self, fully connected to your unique brilliance.

our method

With a focus on breath and relaxation, art will be used as your modality for meditation, taking you on an individualized creative journey in a collective space.

signature class

Settle in, set your intentions, and find your center with a guided meditation and sound bowl expereince. Continue your experience while you paint, draw, and explore using various mediums. Our curated playlists will transform your mindset.

meet our founder

Hailey's jouney has been influenced by her passion for art, creativity, a love of teaching, and a calling to heal. Her experience is extensive and well-rounded, from working in fashion to receiving a master's degree in elementary education and facilitating growth in the classroom.

While raising her own children, Hailey continued to foster her creativity and explore her spiritual curiosity - becoming Reiki certified and developing her practice through workshops in meditation and sound therapy.

Art Pad is the culmination of her knowledge and experiences - a space embodying the early potential she saw by combining art and meditation to promote mindfulness and empowerment.

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